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UC Berkeley - Scientific Diving

Diving Links

American Academy of Underwater Sciences
The national standard setting organization for scientific diving

National Association of Underwater Instructors
NAUI guidelines are followed for all certification courses

Divers Alert Network
The organization that supports all of our oxygen training and equipment needs

Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society
A source for diving medicine information

Diving Medicine Online
Undersea medicine for the non-medical diver, the non-diving medical professional and an excellent reference source for the diving medical specialist.

American Safety and Health Institute
The organization that supports our emergency training CPR and First Aid

The Richard Gump Biological Research Station
Berkeley's research station in French Polynesia

Our World-Underwater Scholarship
A scholarship for divers between the ages of 21 and 25

Global Underwater Explorers
A technical diving training agency

National Weather Service
Weather forecasts and buoy reports

Scripps Surf Forecasts
Check the No Cal synopsis for surf predictions and conditions

Monterey Beach Health web site
Beach reports and closure announcements

Cal Boating
Source for Cal Boating Safety Exams

Cal state parks
A handy resource for finding reserves and beach access

California Scuba Diving
All sorts of good information on California diving